2021 Fundraiser!

We need your help to Keep Going and Keep Growing!

Love Thy Neighbor is a community food pantry in King George, Virginia.  We are the largest food pantry in this rural county; we distribute 4,500 pounds of food per week (average as of August, 2021).

We exist so that everyone in our community can have enough food.  We are here for those who must choose between food and medicine or rent or child care.

During the pandemic, we increased our volunteer hours and our services; instead of monthly food pantries, we’re now open weekly.  Every Sunday we open our shopper’s choice food pantry where customers are treated with dignity, respect, and love.

We need your help for two reasons.

First, our rent is going up.  

We’ve had a very generous lease for several years, but all good things come to an end.  Now we have to face the reality of the current real estate market.  That means we need more monthly donations to keep doing what we’re doing.

We’re in a great location now, but it would cost a lot to stay there, so we’re also considering other options.  Whether we stay or go, we will need money for rent – more money than we have.

Second, we want to do more.  

The Social Determinants of Health model tells us that food is just one contributor to overall well-being.  Health is also impacted by things like economic stability, transportation, access to health care, community, and education.

We want to provide More Than Food.

More Than Food is a framework developed by the Foodshare Institute For Hunger Research and Solutions that focuses on Choice, Connection, and Culture.  Studies have shown that it has a higher percentage of positive outcomes for clients than traditional food pantries.

Our goals for improvement include:

– Train volunteers in one-on-one counseling, using a strengths-based coaching model where our customers are encouraged to set goals that make sense for them.  

– Partner with other agencies that can help our customers.  We’ve already started working with Faith In Action, Impact KG, the Workforce Development Board, and Social Services.

– Set up a library and computer room, where folks can take online training, print application forms, create a resume, apply for jobs, or learn basic computer skills.

– Offer classes on healthy cooking, budgeting, mental health, caring for an elderly parent, and other topics of community interest – in partnership with local agencies that can help people access additional resources.

We need your financial support to keep going and to keep improving.  

Please join us, as we work together in the spirit of Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

Or you can Donate with a Check to

Love Thy Neighbor
P.O. Box 16
King George County, VA 22485