Getting Food

Love Thy Neighbor gives away food on the 3rd Sunday of every month to anybody who shows up – you just have to register at the front desk. There is no charge.

You can expect to get a few cans of fruits & vegetables, also soup, cereal, bread, eggs, fresh produce, shampoo and other hygiene products, pet food, and whatever else we happen to have that month, based on the donations we’ve received.

Our event is 3 hours long:
2-3pm is “Inspirational Hour” (usually a local preacher gives a message)
3-4pm is a hot meal served (our cooks are really good)
4-5pm is a grocery-style food pantry

Our location is 5769 James Madison Pkwy, King George VA.

Everyone is welcome, no one is turned away.

If you need food but cannot attend the event, consider a “to-go” order.  (If you do not know anyone who can pick up a to-go order for you, please Contact Us.  Our time and resources are limited, but we might be able to work something out.)