January 1, 2023 – Newsletter!

Pantry News!

Attention weekend Walmart shoppers!

You’ll find it’s easier than ever on Saturday the 25th to help another family by donating to your community food pantry! Volunteers will be on site with lists of current pantry needs, so when you go in to shop, you can easily pick up something to share and drop it off as you leave!

When: Saturday, March 25 11:00am-3:00pm

Where: Dahlgren Walmart

Thank you for supporting your community food pantry!


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Plus, a word from the president, New Year’s Day 2023:

In 2022, Love Thy Neighbor provided free groceries, from our shopper’s choice food pantry, to everyone who came to us.  Our neighbors made shopping trips to LTN more than 8,000 times this past year.

I heard comments like “I can’t believe this is here.  I can’t believe this is free.”  And “I wish the food pantries in Fredericksburg were like this.”  (I’m a little bit proud about that one.)

But my favorite comment was “When we’re here, we always feel like family.”

I’m so incredibly proud, of all our volunteers, for making Love Thy Neighbor an inclusive, loving, welcoming, and friendly place.

Keeping this place running requires an insanely ridiculous amount of time.  Our volunteers could be spending their time watching TV, or going out with friends, or making money, or hiking to waterfalls. 

They choose instead to use precious hours of their lives unloading trucks, stocking shelves, mopping floors, delivering food to shut-ins, directing traffic, carrying boxes, picking up from grocery stores, checking freezer temperatures, distributing food, doing our taxes, checking inventory, and greeting customers with love.

To our volunteers: I love all of you so much, and I look forward to another year of being encouraged, delighted, and inspired by you.

To the not-yet-volunteered: come check the place out!  We still have lots of room for growth – maybe your talent or your spirit is just what we need.

And to all of our supporters in the community, as always, THANKS!!!  We couldn’t do it without you.

Let’s keep being awesome in 2023.

  – Ryan

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