Sponsor a Program

Sponsor a Program

     As a food pantry, we’re in the business of giving away food and goods that our neighbors need which means we need to regularly restock our cupboards. Love Thy Neighbor can make your dollars stretch with our purchasing connections, so cash donations provide the biggest bang for your buck.

     If you or your business would like to become a major sponsor for one of our programs outlined below, please reach out to our Fundraising Coordinator, Melissa Stewart. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we will be happy to write you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. Every donation counts – our volunteers and our patrons thank you!

We’ve created an entire program to help ease parents into parenthood joyfully and without fear of not being able to provide for their families. Love Thy Neighbor provides supplemental diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and more to our patrons who have babies & infants; we currently serve 309 babies & infants ages 0 to 2 years and have many expectant mothers. With new parents shouldering the cost of childbirth itself, childcare, and other new baby needs, the shock of high-priced consumables (diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.) can be overwhelming. While we don’t provide all the needs of each child or family, we do provide a significant supplement to their weekly needs to alleviate the high cost of these items. 

$3,000 will support our Babies & Infants program fully for one quarter. 

Hygiene products are an important part of everyday life that most of us take for granted. But when money gets tight, most people will choose to buy food to eat over hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Love Thy Neighbor helps to maintain the dignity of those we serve by providing hygiene products, including feminine hygiene products, adult disposable underwear, and toilet paper, in addition to our regular pantry food offerings.

$2,000 will support our hygiene program fully for one month.

Delivery Program

Maintaining and growing our delivery program means supporting not only the food necessary to fill orders, but also supporting the volunteers who use their personal vehicles to make deliveries. We currently have a team of more than 20 volunteers who make more than 100 deliveries each month to patrons who are home-bound or cannot come to the pantry due to illness or lack of transportation. As Love Thy Neighbor is a shopper’s choice pantry, each delivery patron provides a list of their food preferences and favorite items so their delivery box can be customized for them. Lists of delivered items are maintained week-to-week to avoid duplicating foods.

$1,000 will fund our delivery program for one month.

The foundation of Love Thy Neighbor is not just to provide food, but to provide nutritious food. One way we can encourage patrons to eat healthier is to teach them how – and that’s exactly what the Meal Kit Program does! Once each quarter, we provide a kit with all the required ingredients to make a healthy meal and instructions on how to prepare it. Learning how to cook using many of the staples we already provide regularly at the pantry creates a fun atmosphere in which patrons can experiment with healthy foods and share the experience will all the members of their families.

$4500 will support the meal kit program for one quarter.