Next Food Pantry: July 19th

Our next Food Pantry will be Sunday, July 19th.

Schedule: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Food Pantry

NOTE the reduced hours: 2PM – 4PM.  We are taking this step because for the past several events, we have served almost all of our patrons before 3:30, with very few people arriving later than 4.

So 2-4 is the plan, but we will stay open as long as people are in line.

Pandemic Conditions Apply!  PLEASE maintain physical separation and wear face coverings.  We will wash our hands and limit crowd sizes.

Getting COVID-19 is really bad.  Please love your neighbor by wearing a face covering – keep your germs to yourself!

Location: Love Thy Neighbor’s building, The Cottage, is on Route 301 (just north of the Hillcrest Motel).  Look for the Bingo sign (we share the building).
Address: 5769 James Madison Parkway, King George, VA.

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