Volunteers speak!

Volunteers Speak!

I had volunteered in PA at our Food Bank for 30 years. When we moved to King George I wanted to continue working with a local Food Bank. My passion is helping others! My grandson Bracken comes to help too! He has a loving and generous heart! All the people we work with give their heart and soul to the program!

-Michael Watson

“Volunteering at Love Thy Neighbor is the absolute best – it’s like selling things people desperately want and need, but for free! The look of joy and often relief on our patrons’ faces when they see we have fresh produce, meats, milk, eggs, and hygiene products makes all the hard work worth it. The hours we spend unloading trucks, stocking shelves, doing food drives, and cleaning the pantry are all nothing next to the food security we provide.”

-Kelley Gaske